PMJ Jewels

PMJ Jewels


Create the identity for Africa’s youngest and most ambitious academic initiative


The Nigerian University of Technology and Management (NUTM) is a pioneering higher education initiative to identify and train the next generation of leaders in technology and management for Africa. Founded by some of the inspiring minds from Africa’s academia and business leaders, the identity of the brand needed to reflect the energy and aspiration of the youth of the region, and be deeply rooted in the culture of the land the university is based in.  Combining the simple geometric forms used by Osogbo artists and the ‘Zankos’ (Mud Horns) used in Hausa architecture, this visual identity symbolized the global ambition, driven by cultural relevance.

Bridal Shoot

For our photoshoot for PMJ, the focus was on capturing the jewellery collections around the wedding celebrations of a modern bride - Sangeet, the Wedding Day and Reception. Through the campaign shoot, we attempted to bring out every thing the brand’s collections stand for - Timeless, Traditional and Contemporary.

Bridal Shoot - One

Bridal Shoot - Two

Product Shoot

Traditional and yet contemporary, a contrasting brand objective was met through sustained product imagery that not just addressed older buyers, but also the younger influencers.

Wedding Jewelry Showcase

Elegant and yet simple, the jewellery showcase videos helped create an immediate affinity for the brand particularly during the high-volume wedding seasons.